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4 practices of a top selling commercial insurance agents

Written by Kyle Mitchell| November, 7, 2017



Insurance is now a multi-billion dollar industry. Most owner operators and small fleets are in need of policies that could protect their investments. Still selling commercial insurance is a challenging task especially in hard economic conditions. Though each insurance agent has different style, here are 4 things that every top commercial insurance agent practices:


1) Understand the various aspects of your products

You should know your product offerings backwards and forwards. When you make recommendations, provide all the details including how they could benefit your customer's business, their respective costs, etc. Other than that, get to know about the products of your rivals so that you can make comparisons and project yours as the better choice. Showing your expertise is one of the best ways to ingrain confidence and trust in your clients.


2) Identify the motivations of your clients

Each client is unique so treat them that way. Try to recognize what they want from their policy and modify your sales approach accordingly. Make them emotionally involved as typically people take decisions based on emotions and then justify it using logic.


3) Display your professionalism

Show how serious you are about your job in your promptness, responsiveness, and appearance. Creating a good first impression is very important in this field. It greatly influences your clients’ decision to move forward with you.  Remember, SPEED KILLS!


4) Offer best customer service

By satisfying your customer needs even after the sale, can get you valuable referrals and repeat business. Thus be readily available for them.  A good way to do this is to tell your clients about the benefits they have access to with AAOO by being insured through Guardian.  If you tell an insured about the benefits of AAOO and they get, for example, a fuel card through us, they will forever remember you every time they use it.  That creates trust and brand loyalty that simply cannot be bought.

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