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 3/20/17 National Work Zone Awareness Week

Every year there is a national campaign called “National Work Zone Awareness Week” (NWZAW) to increase the public’s awareness of how critical it is that they observe safe driving practices through highway work zones. The key message is to encourage drivers to use extra caution when driving in work zones. This year, the national campaign is titled “Work Zone Safety is in Your Hands” and will be held April 3-7, 2017. Click here to learn more.


3/13/17 Is “Rosie the Riveter” The Solution To Truck Driver Shortages?

Did someone say there are not enough jobs available in the America? Well there appears to be plenty of job openings when it comes to truck drivers. The driver shortage is acute with some industry experts estimating that we’ll need to add 100,000 truckers per year for the next decade, just to keep pace with demand and attrition. Click here to learn more.



3/6/17 The Challenging Road Ahead for The Trucking Industry

The future holds many changes in the world of trucking. The scope of issues that the trucking industry will face – beyond the usual ups and downs of day-to-day business – is mind-boggling, to say the least. Here are some of the developments in the industry that are already taking shape. Click here to learn more.



2/27/17 Understanding Commercial Vehicle Insurance Ratings

Many truck drivers and fleet operators are not clear about how their commercial vehicle insurer calculates the premiums it assesses. Most U.S. insurers follow the commercial vehicle rating procedures established by the Insurance Services Office (ISO.) Here is a summary of these ratings and how they apply to a commercial vehicle. Click here to learn more.



2/20/17 MultiService Fuel Cards Offer More Ways to Save Money


Owner-operators and small fleets are experiencing more benefits from fuel cards than just saving money on diesel purchases. As card technology increases, companies are using them to connect new services to their cards, better control spending, gather operational data and even book hotel rooms. Click here to learn more.




2/13/17 Toll Tips For Moneywise Drivers

Here are some things every owner-operator should know about managing toll expenses. Tolls are a user fee, unlike fuel or mileage taxes. Taking the time to review and manage your tolls can make a difference in your bottom line at the end of the month. Click here to learn more.



2/6/17 Choosing the Best Repair Pro for Your Truck or Fleet

It’s crucial for truck drivers and fleet operators to have well maintained trucks, optimized for fuel efficient operation. Great maintenance requires dependable and professional service technicians. Here are some tips on what to look for when finding a service provider that best fits your needs. Click here to learn more.




1/27/17 Are Video recording Safety Systems In Your Future?

Video recording safety systems are a fairly new addition to the slew of on-board safety performance tools for fleets and independent owner-operators. The number of fleets and independent owner-operators that are installing event-recorder video safety systems is steadily on the increase because they help protect drivers as well as provide useful data on driver habits and actions. Click here to learn more.




1/23/17 Roadside Assistance Program For Heavy-Duty Owner-Operators

No matter who or where you are, there is always a possibility that you may need roadside assistance. Fortunately AAOO offers the best roadside assistance program in the country, at a special discounted price. The Roadside Masters Roadside Assistance Program, available to AAOO members for a low monthly cost, including a $100 annual discount, offers heavy-duty emergency roadside assistance for independent owner-operators. Click here to learn more.



1/17/2017 Cyber Security Issues for Truckers & Fleets

Many are aware of the serious data breaches at large, well-known companies such as TJX, Heartland, Anthem, Yahoo and eBay. We’ve also seen data security issues at federal entities such as the DOJ, the IRS and of course the highly publicized email hack at the Democratic National Committee. So what’s this got to do with trucking? Click here to learn more.



1/5//2017 Grow Your Trucking Business With ATBS Smart Service

Truckers looking to successfully grow their operation need to execute an effective business and tax strategy that grows their bottom-line; one that maximizes tax deductions and grows monthly profits. You already know how to be a great truck driver, but do you know what it takes to run a great business? And AAOO members receive this service at a special discounted rate!Click here to learn more.


12/24/2016 Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from AAOO

We want to extend our warmest wishes for a very merry Christmas this year. And while we know the holidays are a very busy time for truck drivers, we want to encourage you to keep your stress level as low as possible this holiday season.  Click here to learn more.



12/12/2016 The Perfect Gift For Your Favorite Trucker

An AAOO membership helps members save money and improve their health. It is the perfect gift for any professional truck driver or related job who wants their life to get easier, less stressful, healthier and wealthier. Get the gift that gives year round. Click here to learn more.



12/5/2016 Follow Safety Precautions to Protect You and Your Vehicle When Refueling

Commercial truck refueling procedures and practices are designed to maximize the safety for the driver as well as minimize pollution of surface or ground waters. There is a risk of personal injury or property damage when refueling that can be reduced – or even avoided – with proper attention to safety precautions. The potential of fuel leakage or spills is exacerbated by the hazard of the substance that is being transferred. When executing refueling procedures, safety is always the priority. Click here to learn more.



11/23/2016 Happy Thanksgiving To America's Truckers

When you and your family sit down for your Thanksgiving meal, remember to thank the truck drivers who made it possible. Chances are, they delivered all or most of the items on your Thanksgiving dinner table. The team at American Association of Owner Operators (AAOO) would like to thank the 3.5 professional truck drivers across the United States for their hard work and commitment to delivering freight to our cities and our doorsteps.Click here to learn more.


w to Protect Your CDL and Stay Behind the Wheel

As a professional truck driver, your livelihood is at risk every time you get behind the wheel.  While safe driving is the best defense for avoiding citations, it is vitally important that you protect your CDL and prevent traffic violations from remaining on your record is by guarding yourself legally. Now, more than ever, it’s important to keep your record clean. A dismissed ticket can even be used to challenge negative data on your CSA score. Click here to learn more.

11/1/2016 Discover TruckersEdge The Best Load Boards for Owner-Operators

AAOO, through DAT® TruckersEdge, offers an app that consistently offers freight tailored to your schedule, equipment and desired rates. With over 300,000 loads posted daily, TruckersEdge is the largest marketplace for freight loads and trucks on the internet. Click here to learn more


10/24/2016 How AAOO can Positively Impact your Trucking Business

To be a trucker in today's transportation industry is hard. Whether its over-regulation, lack of resources or the constant industry changes, it is difficult for owner operators and small fleet truckers to compete with the large fleets on the road today and successfully be able to make money. That is why AAOO was formed. To read more about how AAOO can positively impact your trucking business, click here.



10/17/2016 How Owner-Operators Can Reduce Rising Fuel Costs

Fuel prices are rising again. Regular gas in the U.S. increased $.021 last week; diesel prices were up $.007 during the same time frame. Increasing fuel costs create significant costs for truckload carriers. While fuel surcharges help with loaded mile rates, they do nothing to help with empty truck miles. The American Association of Owner-Operators (AAOO) has a solution to help the independent owner-operator. Click here to learn more


10/4/2016 How Owner-Operators Can Save Money On Truck Insurance

One of the top issues that poses a threat to the motor carrier industry is the rising cost of insurance.Rising insurance premiums are a major difficulty that owner-operators are facing at this time. Here are some ways smart truck drivers reduce their accident risk and keep their insurance premiums at bay. Click here to learn more


09/27/2016 Meet Tom Kyrk: AAOO's Latest Featured Member!

Tom Kyrk has been a professional driver for 11 years and is the latest AAOO featured  member! In his profile, Tom talks about his experiences in the trucking industry, the challenges that many truckers face, and gives seasoned advice to newcomers in the industry. To read the full profile about Tom Kyrk, click here. 



09/20/2016  Is Uber's Next Stop Truck Drivers?

Tap, tap, tap, A warehouse manager in Ohio uses his Android Uber App to request a deadhead owner operator to pick up 40,000 pounds of freight in his warehouse. Uber immediately identifies the closest 18 wheeler, and electronically notifies the driver of the opportunity. Click here to read more.

Image result for cdl protect  

09/16/2016 5 Things to Look for in a Good CDL Legal Plan

Keeping your CDL clean is essential to the health and lifestyles for many truckers on the road. Unfortunately, being a trucker means that you will likely be seen as an easy target for traffic violations or industry regulations. To find out how you can keep your CDL clean and your livelihood in tact- read our list of things you should look for before purchasing a CDL protection plan by clicking here.



09/07/16 ELD Presents Opportunities for Owner Operators & Small Fleets

The entire trucking industry is transitioning from a world of paper tracking and different types of automatic recording devices to a world of compliance with the electronic logging devices (ELD) rule. Click here to read more.        


08/30/16 9 Podcasts That Any Trucker Can Enjoy While On The Road

Every truck drivers needs some entertainment while on the road, especially if they are on a long haul. We have assembled a list of trucking podcasts that offer news, trucking information and, most importantly, entertainment for almost any trucker out on the road today. Click here to read more.



08/23/16 10 Simple Tips To Help Truck Drivers Stay Awake

Truck drivers often need to drive for long periods of time due to their erratic work schedule. Since most of us get paid by the mile, hour or a percentage of the load pay, it’s critical to get your load delivered on time, which may mean having to stay awake for long periods. Here are some tips to help you stay awake longer and stay safe.Click here to read more.




08/16/16 Quick Healthy Food Options For Truckers On The Road

A good place for truckers to start is by making healthier choices at restaurants. Foods higher in fiber and lean protein will keep you fuller longer, helping you avoid unhealthy snacking. Here are some healthy food choice ideas you can make while on the road: Click here to read more.



08/08/16 3 Exercises For Truckers On The Road

In a study published by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, truck drivers are more likely to smoke and have other high-risk factors for chronic diseases (such as hypertension, high cholesterol and obesity.) Research has shown that everyone should make lifestyle choices that include a healthy diet, regular exercise, and maintain a normal weight. One way to get started with regular exercise is to find exercises you can do while on the road.Click here to read more.




08/01/16 Truck Drivers Take Care Of America - We Need To Take Care Of Our Truck Drivers

Tire blowouts are one of the most dangerous incidences on the road for drivers of commercial vehicles. Research by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicates that truck tire blowouts were accountable for 200 crashes and 223 fatalities on the road during 2009-2013. Here are the top 5 tire safety tips for truck drivers: Click here to read more.



07/26/16 Truck Drivers Take Care Of America - We Need To Take Care Of Our Truck Drivers

Truck drivers are essential to America’s economy. In order to keep America running, we need truck drivers to deliver our goods and products; they deliver the majority of freight in our country. The role of a truck driver is important to keep our economy healthy and to take care of our people. But who is taking care of our truck drivers? AAOO enables truck drivers to receive the benefits they deserve to help them make more money and live a healthier life, even though they spend a great deal of their lives on the road. Click here to read more.



07/18/16 Top 10 Things to Consider When Selecting Truck Insurance

Truck owner-operators are responsible for obtaining insurance coverage for their commercial truck. There are dozens of companies that carry a variety of different options; it is wise to take your time and look at the alternatives and weigh your options with the cost. Here are the top ten factors you should consider before making your final decision about what to buy. Click here to read more.


07/12/16 10 Best Truck Gadgets

Americans love new technology and truck drivers are no exception. Who doesn’t crave the “latest and greatest” new gadget out on the market? While gadgets are often a lot of fun the best ones are also practical and serve to make those long haul trips easier. We’ve compiled a list of 10 of our favorite truck driver gadgets to inspire you. We hope you will find these modern inventions useful and convenient. Click here to read more.



07/05/16 Best Truck Stops In America

An important aspect of being a healthy truck driver is knowing your limits. This means knowing when to pull over, rest for a few moments, and enjoy a nourishing meal or grab some shut eye. This is where truck stops come into play, as they are invaluable establishments for the busy trucker looking to rest and recharge. So we’re highlighting a few of the best truck stops in North America and look forward to hearing about yours!  Click here to read more.


06/27/16 Truckers Eat This Not That - Healthier Food Options

The food choices you make on the road can have a detrimental or positive outcome in our life. Those truckers who are seeking to become healthier drivers would do well to adhere to these healthier food options. Looking to eat healthier? We’ve compiled a line up of foods, plus their healthier alternatives, enabling you to make the smarter choice. Click here to read more.

06/20/16 Thousands Of Dollars In Benefits For Owner Operators For Only $8 A Month

The American Association of Owner Operators (AAOO) focuses on trucker driver’s health and wellness.  Join AAOO for only $8 a month and receive thousands of dollars in benefits, to improve your health and profits. Here’s how AAOO can do to help you be a healthier and wealthier trucker!




06/13/16 Healthy Trucker Life Next Exit

Long hours spent on the road can take their toll on even the most seasoned trucker. This is why  trucker wellness programs are so important, as obesity, blood pressure issues and sleep deprivation are often ignored until it’s too late. With the assistance of a wellness company that can monitor and prevent life-threatening conditions, you’ll feel safer and more fulfilled on the road. Click here to read more.




06/06/16 Nine Steps to Become a Healthier Truck Driver

Want to become a healthier truck driver? The most important thing to remember is to be realistic about what is feasible for you. Here are some suggestions to help you be happier and healthier on the road. Click here to read more.



06/02/16 Increased Summer Holiday Cargo Theft Expected to Impact Truck Drivers 

When the weather gets warm our thoughts turn to summer fun and activities like picnics, barbecues, time at the beach, vacations and long holiday weekends. Some owner operators may take holiday weekends off, and others will surely be on the road. But when it comes to cargo thieves, statistics show they will be working overtime. Click here to read more.


03/01/16 -  Looking for Loads in All the Wrong Places?  The mid-winter freight slump is almost in the rearview. Demand for vans is slowly starting to pick up, but load-to-truck ratios are still very low in a lot of parts of the country. That means there's a lot of trucks out there competing for those loads...Click here to read more. (Via DAT's Truckers Edge)


02/29/16 - A look into the future, original content from our LinkedIn page!: Don't be last in line, protect your future today! The future is coming (I know you're thinking, duh time is linear) but we here at the association want everyone to be ready for it...Click here to read more. 


02/26/16 - A measure in a House bill would block states from enforcing mandatory paid meal and rest breaks for truckers and their carrier employers and prevent states from undertaking driver pay reform measures. ATA announced its support for the measure Thursday, while a prominent Senator vowed to fight the provision. (Post from CCJ Digital) - Click here to read more.


02/25/16 - A number of well-funded freight brokers and 3pls are trying to crack the code on automating freight transactions. (Post from CCJ Digital) - Click here to read more


02/24/16 - We finally saw some signs of spring last week. Rates leveled off for vans and flatbeds, and demand was up for both. That means spot market rates might be on the rise soon. (Post from Truckers Edge) - Click here to read more


12/28/15 - In the beginning of December, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) finalized the rule requiring electronic logging devices (ELD) for tracking driver hours on the road. The rule has over 500 pages and can’t be described as light reading. So here are the six top facts carriers need to know about the new ELD rule... (Post from A&A Truck Insurance) - Click here to read more.

7/29/15 - They say when you are out on the road you meet many interesting people.  38 Year old Taavi Rutishauser is one of those interesting people!  He is a truck driver, mountain bike rider, on-road bicycle rider, and worked as a bike messenger prior to becoming a truck driver.  He is a marathon runner, an entrepreneur, and even has an interesting co-driver in his truck, a Brompton folding bicycle!... (Post from Road Tested Living) - Click here to read more


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